One band. Two members. Zero talent. Black Bus America was just a bedroom band singing songs about going to the bathroom and shaving your legs. But it was when they decided to take the band outside the realm of their four walls that they discovered what it really meant to rise and fall as the world’s worst band.

Starting as a bedroom band, Brent & Bryan formed BBA. Their ambitions took them out of the bedroom and on the road. But with a lack of talent and a strange dark cloud following them, disaster peeked its head out at every turn they took.

Call it ignorance, call it ego, call it insanity, when their fans hated them, they embraced it. When other bands hated them, BBA stole from them. When record labels took advantage of them, they set the CEO’s car on fire. The only thing that stood in BBA’s way to infamy was it’s own two members. In fighting pulled them apart, sending Bryan fleeing the country and Brent left picking up the pieces.

Now, ten years later, Bryan has formed a new band “Arschloch”. They’ve quickly taken Europe by storm, marking them as Germany’s best new artist. With the band taking on their first American tour, rumors of a BBA reunion start flying. But Bryan’s long documented history with drugs, extravagant spending and a short temper, soon instigates into a downward spiral. In a heated argument, Bryan’s drummer leaves the band, Bryan’s spending catches up to him and is forced to live once again in the same storage unit he lived in when in BBA.

With things falling apart at the seams, Bryan leaves America once again, leaving rumors of a BBA reunion just that, a rumor. But there’s still hope that history will repeat itself, and BBA will one day regain their title as the world’s worst band.

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